New Arrival: Kapital

New Arrival: Kapital

Kapital, one of Japanese most famous fashion labels, has just arrived

at Pieces. Known for their quality and intricate designs, Kapital

has recently surged in popularity outside of Japan, gaining traction

with global fashion enthusiasts.


Our curated selection features the iconic Century Denim in

a multitude of colors. Each pair has sashiko stitching throughout

the pant, giving a unique look and texture to the pants. Made in

Okayama, Japan, each pair is cut, dyed, stitched, and fully constructed 

in Japan's denim capital.


We also stocked up on the Kyoto exclusive trucker hats.

With the growing popularity of Kapital's trucker hats, these exclusive

designs stand out from the regularly available line of hats, while still

keeping the same design aesthetic.

Made only available to purchase in person at Kapital's Kyoto location, these

hats are incredibly rare and hard to find.


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